5 Great Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

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Hooded eyes also known as bedroom eyes are uniquely beautiful. They are not as open or have a deep crease as other eye shapes. They can also be the most difficult eye shape to find makeup inspiration for. When I first started to really getting into makeup I remembered being very frustrated that the looks I saw created on gurus’ did not show up on me the same way. Soon I realized that my eye shape was different and looks were going to not be as easily replicated.

So here is what I have discovered so far on how to get the best makeup experience for myself and hopefully these tips will help you as well.

MATTE SHADOWS ARE YOUR BFF – I remember rocking frosted blue eyeshadow in high school thinking I was cute. I had no idea about cool tones vs warm tones etc. When you know better you do better and so matte shadows are my bff.

One they help create shadows which can be necessary to help you deflect the areas of your eyes that you don’t want to pop. Hence the crease area is the most popular placement for this amazing product.

DONT BE AFRAID OF SHIMMER – Shimmer can be used in two ways either all over for a beautiful summer look or in areas where you want to cause light to reflect or pop. For me that just below my crease and more towards the inner area of my eyes. Occasionally I will bring  a shimmer shadow above my crease to help to make my eyes look more open.

BRUSH SIZE MATTERS – Those huge crease brushes are not your bestie until you know how to handle them. Instead get you a smaller blending brush that can better work with your lid size. Why? If you have a brush that is to large for your eye shape you could end up getting product all over the areas you don’t intend for it to be.  A smaller brush can help you define areas better and lessen your frustration of correcting or just giving up.

PRIME LIKE ITS YOUR LIFE – Creases tend to get oil and can cause your shadows to shift. You worked hard to get that look the way you wanted so help it stay in place by using a great primer based on you eye skin type.

WING LINER IS POSSIBLE – If you see me you know I rock wing liner with almost every look. Its my HG. Lots of people will tell you that wearing winged liner in not that great on hooded eyes. For some that might be the situation, but I discovered the best way to rock wing liner is to make sure your line is not as thick. Remember that when your eyes are open your lid tends to disappear so if you want that special shadow your rocking to show make sure your liner is thin so that its not over powering your eyes.

Hooded eyes can rock beautiful makeup just like other eye shapes they just have to be customized to your eye shape and preference.

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