Blogging & Life Update

Blogging and Life Update

It’s been a while since I last updated this space and they are reasons which I will get into soon. I am not sure if I am going to share them all in this one post or spread it out over several. Just know that I don’t plan on stop blogging but I am shifting to different content that I am sharing.

I started blogging back in 2010 with a small point and shoot camera sharing my latest makeup finds. I setup my blog on blogger as The May Issue. It was exciting going to the store, trying out new products and taking photos to share with other women who loved new beauty discoveries as much I did.

Over the years I met other bloggers, became very knowledgeable about beauty and upped my makeup game. My makeup application skills have come a long way since frosted blue eyeshadow and over-tweezed eyebrows. In the meantime, I really started to think of blogging differently. People were getting large followings, working with brands and making income. Bloggers were now the go-to people for real honest reviews. Before I made a purchase I would always find a blog post on it first to get a true experience.

Later companies and other new bloggers who entered the scene started to discover the power bloggers had and began to make all types of courses with promises of making money etc. The impact this has caused in blogging community particularly in the beauty world has changed the community. Not all for the good.

Now it is a little harder to tell if a review is honest or if they are influenced by the sponsorships behind it. Yes, there are still honest writers out there you can trust but the water, since it has more fish in it is murkier.

With the rise of microblogging and crazy makeup techniques the beauty atmosphere has definitely change. I am not here for all of the changes.

Now that I’m in a different season of my life I think it’s natural to evolve and have other interest. Does this mean I don’t want to talk about beauty anymore….No. It just means I want to share other interests.

With that, I am changing Hello Karen more into a lifestyle and coding blog because it will allow me to share more than just one topic with you and create a new space. I don’t have it all figure out and I don’t think I have to, it’s a journey just like life.

Life Update

The biggest life update as of this year is that I am no longer working in retail management. I can honestly say that I am really happy about this change. If you have worked in retail and even retail management you know it can be a challenge. I met some great people and built bonds with amazing people over the years. As an introvert, it really helped me connect more with people. It was also time for a change, I had the desire to try other means of making a living. Because I wanted to get my time back and be with people I loved more. If you are interested in hearing more about my retail management journey let me know.

I knew I wanted to be more involved in tech so last year after learning to code I started a new site called The May Creative. I wanted a space that I could help other bloggers and small businesses set up and manage their website. After years of being frustrated with figuring out code I knew it was something that was needed in my community. I have had the opportunity to help bloggers and other creatives get their sites setup and running. I can attribute my new found career interest to blogging. Which I am so grateful, I just wished I knew about the freelance world earlier.

Now I am just trying to figure out how to run two social accounts and build a business in the process. This is a new exciting journey that I plan on sharing with you all.

I would love to know how blogging has changed your life and I’m glad I get to now share more with you!

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