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Formula Xcel System
Formula Xcel System

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Sephora has a line of nail polish that says it’s an alternative to the standard gel manicure. Without the need to cure with a LED/UV lamp the system claims to give you a gel-like manicure. Sephora also claims your manicure can last as long as 10 days with no chipping if you use the system.

Keep reading to find out if my manicure lasted 10 days…

Let’s first discuss the contents of the system. There are 3 items aside from the color.

Step 1:
Cleanse Xcel- Use this first to clean your nails of oils and give them a clean slate to start with prior to primer application.

Step 2:
Prime Xcel- Helps to prime the nails prior to polish application and contains keratin and an advance bonding agent to help the polish bond to your nails.

Step 3:
Apply nail color

Step 4:
Shine Xcel – contains acrylic to help strengthenĀ your nails and also deliver a shine to your manicure color.

Please note these polishes are free from the following:


Also aside from the Xcel System I got the opportunity to try out the Delete All nail polish remover. It comes in a container where you can place all 5 fingers into the holes of the sponge to help remove nail polish.

The application was easy I used the Delete All to remove my previous nail polish and some glitter polish which came off quite easily then I went through the entire process following Steps 1- 4 to apply my manicure.

With the claims of lasting as long as 10 days with no chips, did my manicure live up the claim?

Formula X TGIF

Drumroll, please!

The first chip happened on day 5 for me šŸ™

I know but please note the conditions of my nails. They are damaged from having acrylic nails on prior and so they are fairly weak and very flexible. It would be impossible for any nail polish to stay on my nails unless it was a true gel polish.

I think if my nails were stronger I could have gone much longer without a chip.

Overall, I think that this a good system for those who prefer an at home manicure and don’t want to use gel polish all the time. I am actually a big fan of Sephora’s nail products.


Sephora Formula X Pin

The System Xcel is priced at $32 and the Delete All remover is priced at $15

Note: I received the Formula X products complimentary from Influenster, but all opinions are my own.

What are your thoughts on Formula X from Sephora?

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