How to Create Searchable Social Content

how to create searchable content

Today we are going to discuss how to create searchable social content. Why because the content is important to help people solve a problem or provide a solution to a question they may have.  If you have content that no one can discover or only see for a limited time it causes a couple of issues.

  • only people that are immediately exposed to the information see it and it may not be useful for them.
  • Your audience that needs the information is not aware that a solution has been provided because it was not made searchable.

All the effort that you put into creating amazing content such as writing, photography, editing, research etc. to help others needs to be easily identifiable and accessible. Here are ways you can make sure accessibility happens.

how to create searchable content

  1. Use a platform that makes your content searchable. Your key content should be housed on a blog or site that is exclusively yours. Platforms such as Instagram are quick snapshots that could easily disappear. Plus you don’t want your core audience on a platform that you have no exclusivity to, meaning you can’t just take your followers with you.
  2. Make sure you are using platforms such as Instagram and Twitter but it should lead your audience to your core content. Use these platforms as extensions in order to gain access the meat and essence of your message.
  3. Pinterest is a searchable platform that people use every day to help them discover useful content. Pinterest gets searched as much as Google for solutions.  Here are some fun facts about Pinterest and also specific information that relates to the beauty category on Pinterest.

Pinterest has approximately 100 million readers each month.

The beauty and hair category has over 38.5 million unique viewers on Pinterest.

42% of Pinners made a beauty purchase after viewing a Pin.

49% of those Pinners purchased online.

69% of those Pinners purchased in store.

*Stats were sourced from Pinterest

The last point with the focus on Pinterest is truly important. Pinterest is not just a place to posts beautiful photos it is a search engine. Using its own version of keywords i.e, “Rich Pins” to attract readers really is transitioning into a different type of search for people. Making sure that your content is well verse for the Pinterest platform can really help others to discover you and easily share your content with others.

Ultimately I don’t want you to sleep on Pinterest, start investing time into getting your content on this platform as an extension back to your site.

As you can see if you position yourself correctly on the key platforms you will make your social content more searchable and useful to your audience. This will, in the end, give you trust and credibility from your audience.

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What Are You Going to Do to Make Your Content More Searchable?

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