How to Have a Poppin Instagram

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Today I am going to be chatting about How to Have a Poppin Instagram Feed. These are things that I have learned along the way from blogging and also taking product shots through trial and error.

So if you are ready to learn how you can get your Instagram poppin keep reading.

Lighting is Major Key

This is super important. You can have a top notch camera but if your lighting is crap you are going to have some grainy poorly lit photos. If your subject that you are shooting is placed in a well-lit space then you photos are going to be clear and well balanced.


– You want to make sure you are not in direct light but indirect light. This will create a natural and well-balanced lighting.
– If you are shooting indoors but using natural light from your window be sure to make sure all your other indoor lights are off, they are most likely going to cast some warm lighting.

Camera to DSLR or no?

Most of us carry a great camera already, it’s our smartphone. Camera quality on smartphones have greatly improved and now we can shoot DSLR quality like photos on our phones! As an iPhone user, I have been able to capture some great photos right from my phone.


You can also use apps to help improve your pictures. My favorite is VSCO it has the filters I like to go with my Instagram theme.

I know your wondering, what about using a DSLR?

Using a DSLR will give you top notch photos IF you know how to correctly adjust the settings for your photo situation.

When I first got my camera: a Canon T3i I thought all I had to do was turn it on and shoot and magically I would have great photos. Well, that was definitely not the case. My photos looked the same. It wasn’t until I learned the settings of my camera and also more in-depth features such as iso, aperture, lens, etc that I was able to shoot better photos.

If you look at my Instagram feed now the last 15 or so photos are taken from my DSLR.

Morphe Flatlay

I definitely don’t think it’s necessary to shoot with a DSLR it just depends on your preference.


– If you are shooting with your phone turn on the grid setting for your camera so that you are shooting in thirds. You don’t want your subject to be the center of your photo.
– Learn your camera settings, just do a quick YouTube search and you should find videos about using your camera from photographers.

Camera Recommendations for starting out:

Sony a5100
Sony a6000
Canon t5i

Instagram Theme aka Branding

The idea by Instagram Themes is creating a consistent feed that not only showcases you but what you want to represent. I am still developing my feed and I’ve been thinking about adding some variety to it. Just make sure whatever you choose to focus on that it’s consistent.


– If you are not a blogger or creative etc but you want to have theme pick 3 focuses that you will share. For example, Travel, Fashion, and Food.
– Keep your authenticity, always infuse your truth in your photos.


How many times you want to post is entirely up to you. I wouldn’t recommend posting once a month because that is just too many weeks in between. Most people click on Instagram to gain inspiration and if you aren’t sharing quality content on your feed consistently they will lose interest. Try posting at least 3 times a week most people would recommend 1-2 posts per day but if you don’t have the content that can be hard. It’s definitely do-able with pre-planning.


– Post at the times when your community is mostly online. I know Instagram changed the way feeds are presented but the people that regularly check your feed should take preference on seeing your newest content first.

Talk to People

This is a social site so be social. When you post your content engage your audience. I love when a story is shared or experience. When people ask questions that incite a response. At the end of the day, a photo shares a moment in time so it should create dialogue.

Share Your Account

Make sure you are inviting people to your Instagram account. If they know you exist they won’t know how poppin you are. So here is my shameless plug (follow me on Instagram over @hellokarenco)

When I started my Instagram account years ago I had no idea that an app would become so popular. It just goes to show you that any platform can become popular if it services a need.

How to Have a Poppin Instagram
Photography Artist Instagram – @shamaal

Thanks for taking the time out to read about How to Have a Poppin Instagram Feed. Please share your tips in the comments.

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