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Last year I discovered Micellar Water and it has changed my skincare routine for the best. Reason being I have not really been a fan of makeup removing wipes. They seem to always leave my face feeling like I just smeared makeup all over and decided not to wash it off. While going through my typical beauty experimenting phase I decided to purchase Bioderma because I was curious to see what the hype was about.

Life was given after just trying the product one time! Why? Well literally its like washing your face with water but without soap. There was no scent or irritating sting on my eyes. I did notice that Bioderma does have a taste because I used it to remove long wearing lipstick and accidentally licked my lips.

Bioderma was the only Micellar water I knew of at the time and so I purchased a 3 pack on Beautylish for about $30 as a special. Later in the year Garnier released their own drugstore version of Micellar water and it wasn’t as easy for me to locate, eventually I found one bottle on a shelf at Target. The immediate difference I noticed about Garnier was it retails for about $9 depending on where you buy it. The price difference alone was worth a try, because Bioderma retails for about $20.

Check out the comparison chart I put together for you to tell the differences between the two.

Before I get into the comparison let me share with you what Micellar Water is:

Micellar water contains micelles which are an aggregate of molecules in a colloidal solution, such as those formed by detergents. Micelles: tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules suspended in soft water. This has been around for a while as far back as 1913!


500 ml

3 formulas

purchase online or speciality stores

retails $19.95


400 ml

2 formulas

can be found in drugstores

retails $8.99 or less

The only difference I have found between Bioderma and Garnier is the price and you get 100 ml less of product with Garnier. If I was trying a Micellar water for the first time I would definitely go for the Garnier version. Its effective and easily accessible.

If you would like to know how I use Micellar water in my daily routine, comment below and I will share a post about my skincare routine.

Tell me “Have you used Micellar water? What are your thoughts?”

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