My Favorite At Home Manicure

Favorite Manicure


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If you follow me on the IG then you know I go back and forth with my natural nails or coffin nails. When I do rock with my natural nails I like to have certain products in my arsenal. These are the products that help my nails maintain their strength when I put them through the torture of acrylics.

My #1 is a strengthener and I have tried a ton, but Duri Rejuvacote is the only one my nails will respond work with. This product is NOT 3 free so if that is important to you then skip it, unfortunately, I have not found a product that is 3 free that works with my nails.

I use Duri as a base coat and when I’m not rocking nail polish I follow the recommend directions of applying it for 7 days and then removing the start with a fresh coat.

Once I have my base coat on then it’s onto nail polish I use a variety of brands but OPI does then to last longer for me. (List in the comments what are some of your favorite nail polish brands)

After nail polish, a fast drying top coat is a must. I don’t have the┬ápatience to sit around waiting for polish to dry. So my current love is Sephora’s Shine Xcel that I received my Sephora Xcel Voxbox. The brush tip is rounded and it applies effortlessly and dries fast. Just how I like it.

If I need to clean up my nail polish I use acetone and an e.l.f. concealer brush to get around the corners.

Once my nails are dry it’s time to put moisture back into my nails and hands so I like to use Honey and Petals Plush Oil.

What are some products that you use for manicure routine?

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