Speak Up Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Girl Boss

Have you heard the saying “Closed mouths don’t get fed.” I am pretty sure you have yet some of us have a hard time speaking up for ourselves in order to share what we want or don’t want. Such as that friend who always seems to treat your relationship one sided or the co-worker who pushes your boundaries. How about the relationships you know you should have ended months ago but stuck it out in hopes that it would get better.

Now you could wait until circumstances change because nothing is forever but; why live that way when you can solve the problem or concern sooner?

I’ve discovered some possible reasons for why we hold back:

  • The fear of hurting someone feelings.
  • You may think your not important enough to command certain expectations.
  • You have grown up in household of people pleasers (it’s what you know).
  • You are scared.

Those are all real thoughts and experiences. Here’s the deal when you don’t set a standard for how people are to treat you. This allows them to create their own standards.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”c9Aab” via=”yes” ]“When you don’t set a standard for how people are to treat you. This allows them to create their own standards.” via @hellokarenco[/ctt]

Setting your own values will leave you with the power, to which you can hold others accountable to meet. Never let someone else control the light that you shine. You control the brightness of your radiance.

This is important to carry with you in every aspect of your life. In your relationships with family and friends, in the office with your co-workers.

Remember that there is always a way to express yourself without belittling others. How they take the information is out of your control but the fact that you loved yourself enough to set the tone is what’s important.

Speak up for what you want as well as what you don’t want. Your voice is strong and powerful so use it by your own choice not someone else’s.

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