The Benefits of Decluttering Things In Your Life

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Recently, I went through a process of eliminating things in my life that were just there collecting dust. Goodwill, family, and friends reaped some of the benefits of what I called #thishastogo.

What I discovered was amazing and somewhat eye opening. A lot of the times we don’t look at the impact of collecting and holding onto stuff has on our lives. You don’t realize that the memories or feelings attached to items may not be such a positive thing to hold onto.

How many times after for example, a major change in life you get a trigger to do something drastic?

Such as…

  • a break up might spark a hair cut or the elimination of things/items that remind you of that person.
  • You lose weight and so you have to get rid of your old clothes and get new ones.

You ultimately come to the conclusion that eliminating things of your past will lighten up the journey to your future. You want to start fresh and rejuvenated for the next journey.

“Eliminating things of your past will ligthen up the journey to your future.”

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Wanting to start fresh and new I decided to try something different, letting go. How did I do it? I took about 2 months and went through all my items. Clothes that didn’t fit or I never wore went into a bag to be donated. Things that didn’t bring joy to my life went into a box to be given away.

Here’s what happened:

  • Some weight started to be lifted, along with the things that went away also meant that those memories and feelings went with them.
  • I discovered that I didn’t need as many items or stuff in my life to live.
  • I found out that certain things only gave me temporary joy and then got pushed away to be forgotten.
  • Creating space allowed for something new to enter my life.
  • My thoughts became clear and less cluttered.
  • I appreciated what was left more and saw its true value.

Sometimes when we purchase things its because we are covering up something that is bothering us. Without realizing that dealing with things and not people can be self-sabotaging to ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with holding on to something that brings you happiness and joy. Its when we hold onto things that hurt us or bring about things in our past that are not so positive that we need the courage to let it go.

My challenge to you is to pick one area in your life to declutter and make note of how you feel. It won’t be easy letting go of things that you have held onto and you may have to make an attempt to do it more than once.

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