Tresemme Hair: Repair and Protect 7 Review

Tresemme Hair: Repair and Protect 7

Rocking sleek hair is an everyday style for me, it’s easy and convenient and stylish. Before we get into my experience to achieve Tresemme Hair lets discuss some hair background.

As a child I despised big hair, I had a lot of it and it would cause me to receive so much attention. If you know me I am not an attention chaser, I am a laid back, let me do my thing kind of person.

My mom would always want to me to have big hair. So I was determined to have straight strands. One way was through a hot comb or what we called it a pressing comb. This was way before the discovery of flat irons, but I would sit in the chair for hours, occasionally getting burnt. But I knew my hair was going to be laid after all the sacrifice!

Anyway as I got older I continued to rock my straight mane, I eventually discovered the flat iron and it changed everything! No more long hours testing the heat of the pressing comb on a piece of paper to make sure it wasn’t too hot. No more burnt hair!

Later I thought it would be easier to just get a relaxer and see if I could just blow dry my hair and get the same results. It didn’t work, my hair, it turns out is stubborn like me. It never would process bone straight. Later I grew to appreciate it.

My normal process is to wash my hair, blow dry it and then flat iron it. Depending on the shampoo and conditioner the detangling and straightening process can vary. I definitely appreciate products that can cut down on styling time.

When I got the opportunity to try Tresemme Repair and Protect 7 I honestly didn’t expect much.

After the first wash, I noticed my hair not as curly yet sleeker. I was able to blow dry and flat iron my hair a little bit faster than normal. Plus the shampoo and conditioner smelled great.

What caught my attention was that both the shampoo and conditioner contained biotin. I am not sure how effective that is just for being on the surface of your hair. Most biotin that I am aware of is absorbed orally.

Tresemme states that

“Our Repair and Protect 7 system instantly repairs visible damage, strengthens against breakage and helps to perfectly protect hair to give you the freedom to style. Our professional-quality formulas, with biotin, also deeply penetrate damaged fibers to repair hair from within. Get visible results instantly and continue to use for internal repair against 3 types of damage – blow-drying, flat-ironing, coloring, curling, bleaching, brushing and braiding, so you can keep styling for the look you want.”

Tresemme Hair: Repair and Protect 7

That is a lot of claims, my Tresemme hair is visibly sleeker. I love the results which you can check out below:

Tresemme Hair: Repair and Protect 7
My hair was super straight after flat-ironing and stayed sleek for days. After using the shampoo and conditioner I did notice that an increase in dandruff. I went to scratch my head and saw a huge flake pop out that almost scared me!

So needless to say though I love the results my scalp said “Bye Felicia”

I was sent these products for review complimentary through Influenster

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