Why You Should Use An Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

Planning your content is a great skill to have especially if you want to really build your blog. It is just as important as running any business. For example, Nordstroms knows what they are sharing with their customers months in advance. So why shouldn’t you?

An Editorial Calendar is a major key.

First let’s talk about what an Editorial Calendar is, it’s an essentially a post planner for your blog and/or website. It allows you to figure out content for your blog in advance so that you stay on track.

This is especially great if you have a particular order your content needs to be written, such as a series or how about “Seasonal Gifting Ideas” using a calendar will ensure that you are not missing important steps in your planning.

An editorial calendar can be as simple or detailed as you want. It’s about your needs. They can be color coded, be made collaborative if you have a team of writers, etc.

Overall it should be used to help you run your blog more efficiently. You should be able to look at your calendar know what you are going to write about next and easily produce your content.

Another benefit of using a calendar is knowing which topics you are sharing and how often. For example, if you have sponsored content on your blog you may want to space out the content so your readers are not bothered.

You can also keep track of what content influences the most engagement on your site.

So how can you find an Editorial Calendar to use? You can pay for a service such as Co-Schedule but if you are just starting out it may not be worth investment quite yet. There is also the option of using a paper planner (great if you are a pen and paper person). Then there is the option of using a spreadsheet. Which is my current method that I use for planning HK content.

Using a spreadsheet has some benefits. It’s completely customizable and easily accessible from multiple devices. Creating a spreadsheet also allows for me to adjust topics that I would like to share easily. If there is a change in plans then I can move that topic to a different day or a future date.

As a reader of HK, I have created a Free Editorial Calendar for you to use in order to get started with your content planning!

Get Your FREE Editorial Calendar

I hope you find it useful and don’t forget to customize it to your needs!

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